That Good Masters featuring Sir John

On Sunday, November 5, That Good launched its second proprietary property: That Good Masters, with the intent of bringing best-in-class experts in their field to the community to educate, inspire and engage. The inaugural event featured renowned makeup artist and creative visionary Sir John. The sold-out event, attended by a captive audience of 350 beauty enthusiasts, was an exclusive event that saw Sir John take the audience on an interactive beauty journey, highlighting some of his best practices when working with clients such as Beyoncé, Naomi Campbell and Zendaya.

Guests were also treated to multiple sponsor activations in several categories to ensure they were receiving the VIP experience from start to finish. The day was then capped off by receiving a gift bag featuring over 42 top-of-the-line beauty brands worth more than $2,500.

With the perfect blend of beauty, hydration, and luxury, attendees left not only with fantastic products and memories but also with a renewed passion for skincare and makeup. This event set a high standard for future gatherings, leaving an extraordinary impression on all who were fortunate enough to participate.

Good Numbers

Audience Demographic: 88.7% Female, Age 25-44
Combined Digital Promotional Reach: 21,473,963
Earned Media Impressions: 7,140,552